17HD1 Datasheet
Rackmountable HD/SD-SDI CVBS IP too 1280x1080 Px
Product Description
High definition LCD Monitor Very wide viewing angle: + 176º Horiz, + 176º HD + SDI (Auto switching BNC) & CVBS. Fast LCD response: Tr 12mS, Tf 13mS All digital processing, no analogue elements. Digital pixel to pixel mapping in HD & SDI modes Rack mount in 6U, only 75mm deep 16:9, 15:9 & 4:3 ratios with precision scaling. Universal PSU 100 - 250V 47/440Hz High contrast ratio: 400 nominal 1280H x 768V Pixel native resolution High brightness, 450cd/M² Tiltable, welded steel case 5.5KG nom. Recessed signal ports for maximum protection Optional: low reflectance front screen Developed for professional use in demanding environments, the 17HD1 is a cool running rack-mount monitor using the latest LCD "In Plane Switching" technology to produce bright "open" pictures which boast a truely amazingly (CRT like) wide viewing angle which extends to almost 180°. The 1280 x 768 pixel matrix produces highly viewable images from HD sources, via a precision scaler and filter, and is eminently suitable for all day-to-day monitoring service. Occupying an envelope of only 6U, the entire monitor rotates for optimum viewing comfort when mounted at extremes of height. The viewing angle of 88°, in all planes, ensures that there can be no "negative pictures", which is especially important when images may be viewed peripherally by neighbouring Staff. A major design consideration has been reducing the depth of the monitor to the minimum practical, and the 75mm front/back dimension achieved includes the internal power supply. The Video input connectors are recessed for maximum protection. Power is input via a standard IEC switched connector, which eliminates the headache of finding a location for, and mounting an external Unit. The 17HD1 is fan cooled which ensures maximum reliability for all the internal components. The 17HD1's highly reliable power supply unit accepts power, adjustment free, from 100 volts up to a maximum of 250 volts, and 47Hz to 440Hz. The LCD selected for use in the 17HD1 exhibits very fast response which has been specifically optimised for the display of TV pictures. The maximum surface luminance of 450CdM² gives good viewing, even under conditions of high ambient brightness. The LCD offers a contrast ratio in excess of 400:1 under good viewing conditions, optionally however, the LCD monitor's standard protective front panel with it's non-glare surface, can be replaced by one to which an additional special military grade anti-reflective coating has been vacuum applied. This reduces specular reflections to 0.5%, optimising image contrast under high ambient brightness viewing conditions. The video drive has been optimised to match the LCD's precise response for optimum colourimetry with D6500 White Reference, but modification of the individual RGB drive and Gamma transfers is possible. The 17HD1 has been designed to automatically switch between HD and SDI modes on a single BNC, to aid operation in zones where Switch Matricies are Dual-mode. CVBS inputs are handled on a separate input BNC. The 17HD1's high resolution LCD and precision scaling produces pictures (SDI and CVBS modes only), that may be displayed with "underscan" or "fully scanned" with no trace of edge clipping, a major consideration with some LCD monitors! True16:9 and 4:3 operation are fully supported preset menu options, together with the LCD's native 15:9 ratio when the full screen is used.
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17HD1 - LCD Monitor
Normally Rack-mounted, but shown here with free standing mount
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