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Murraypro History Established in the very early 70’s, Murraypro Electronics designed and manufactured custom equipment for London's busy Broadcast TV Post Production Industry. Murraypro continues to develop, now offering a range of Products allied to the Broadcast Television, Corporate Television and Industrial Television Industries. Murraypro serves customers from the largest of World Broadcasters through to the lone Operator, and now specialises in the supply of Broadcast Test Equipment such as “Test Chest”, EYE~POD”, “TV Eye” & “Jitter-Mon”, LCD Monitors, Audio Monitoring and allied Equipment for both the UK and Export Worldwide .    Over 40 years ago Murraypro designed and produced, the world's first commercially available Television "Safe Area" generator, now universally known as "CAGE", the name derived from the mnemonic Caption Area Generating Electronics. Initially designed to show TV Professionals at the Studio Centre the actual area visible at home on a domestic CRT television screen (many of which had severe ‘scanning errors’ and were then very poorly set up), CAGE has continued to  evolve and now CAGE HD/SD has become an indispensable accessory for TV Professionals.
Cursor Generator
(Vintage model)
Welcome to Murraypro electronics. With over 45 years experience developing broadcast television test, monitoring and generation equipment, our products are designed for you.
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