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Product Description
The EYE~POD module is designed to interface with all* existing Murraypro Test Chest, to  effortlessly extend the main Unit’s monitoring capability to include SDI envelope and Jitter parameters from SD through to 3G. In use, the EYE~POD accessory simply slots on to the Audio-Pod’s existing mounting plate (temporarily replacing the Audio-Pod) and the coupled assembly is mated with the TC3G’s D-25, and finally secured with the toggle-latch; the whole process taking only a few seconds, and is completed without the need for any tools!   Using the Test Chest’s high resolution LCD with it’s touch-screen control, Users receive immediate visual indication of the quality of an SDI input signal with regard to both overall signal amplitude and Jitter. Drawing power from Test Chest, the coupled-combo may be used on internal battery power, or supported for longer term Field-Monitoring requirements with external battery power that is furnished via the proprietory ‘V-Lok’ battery plate. As with the main Test Chest itself, only professional grade Lemo power connectors are used on the V-Lok plate and interconnecting cable. Careful optimisation of the input circuitry on this dedicated EYE~POD module for optimum signal fidelity permits nuiances of the displayed Eye envelope to be evaluated for rise time, frequency and phase response anomalies.  Eye and Jitter are simultaneously presented on the Test Chest's high resolution 800 x 480 LCD with 3E, 10E and Frame related timebase control of the 'Eye' envelope, together with Jitter parameters. Automatic confirmation of conformance with SMPTE Jitter Specification is assured through the DUAL Histogram which simultaneously displays both Alignment and Timing Jitter, with the System’s threshold clearly defined. Investigation of picture related jitter issues are facilitated through examination of  the detected jitter error waveform using the Test Chest’s LCD display, presented with a choice of timebase. Selecting between ‘Timing’ or ‘Alignment’ mode will automatically pre-select the measurement bandwidth that is specified for the input SDI signal that has been detected. Confusing ‘soft keys’ are eliminated through use of the Test Chest’s fast & intuitive ‘Touch’ panel interface, which gently guides Users in their investigations. The EYE~POD’s LCD display may be switched between the 'RAW' or 'Equalised' IP, and the Filtering parameters are pre-adjusted when examining Timing or Alignment Jitter in Measurement mode. One of the elegant features of the EYE~POD accessory is that a single inventory item may be shared by several Test Chest Units, as there is no requirement to ‘interface’ a specific EYE~POD module with a particular Unit! ALL Test Chest Units* will function satisfactorily with the EYE~POD accessory. *ANY existing Test Chest Unit may be used with the EYE~POD accessory, although it will be necessary to upgrade the earlier software that is fitted and also perform certain hardware modifications too. These are both easily achieved by returning the Unit to Murraypro, who are able to perform this work you very cost effectively. There is NO QUESTION of any “existing Inventory obsolescence” with your TC-3G/TC-HDVI when the EYE~POD  accessory is purchased. EYE~POD module is approximately 7 cm wide, somewhat narrower than the existing ‘Audio POD', and is housed in a stout matching extruded alloy case with livery matching TC3G, that is capable of absorbing the rough and tumble of the real world. Unlike some competitive products, there are NO fiddly mechanical alignments to perform when coupling the two Units. EYE~POD mates precisely with the Test Chest's robust D-25 connector which provides the required connections. Consequently the EYE~POD module is coupled and securely latched using the stout toggle clamp, in quite literally, just a few seconds. Specification (Subject to revision) EYE Display 3E, 10E and Frame related EYE timebase. On-screen timebase readout. Graticule scale in mV, with rise/fall time measurement points marked. Jitter Display High Pass Filters per SMPTE 292M Alignment Jitter Spec < 0.2 UI, all Standards. SD Timing Jitter Spec < 0.2 UI. HD Timing Jitter Spec < 1.0 UI 3G Timing Jitter Spec < 2.0 UI Graticule scale in UI units, with SMPTE limits marked. Jitter error waveform display using Test Chest , with                                                                                           3E, 10E and Frame related EYE timebase. EYE measurement Cursors DUAL Jitter Histogram simultaneously displays Timing & Alignment Jitter, confirming both conform with SMPTE Specification limits. EYE slew rate measurement: via calibrated timebase. Control & Display EYE~POD controlled via touch screen menu on Test Chest. EYE~POD displayed on Test Chest’s 800 x 480 Hi Res LCD
EYE~POD Accessory for Test Chest facilitates ‘EYE’ analysis of SDI envelope shape, rise & fall time, ‘Pre’ & ‘Over’shoot anomalies on signals 3G ~>SD. Timing and Alignment Jitter parameters to SMPTE
Will interface with   ALL Test Chest units,  SO......NO redundant inventory to scrap! Simultaneous   Timing & Alignment Jitter Histograms
Test Chest’s ‘Boot-Free’ instant performance extends to EYE measurements too
EYE~POD coupled with it’s Host TC3G
Jitter WFM sweep
Dual Histogram
Test Chest  IS the world’s fastest A+V Tester