Self Contained Peak LEDS PHASE LED 4 Stereo Groups Head Phone Jack Line level OP for EXT LS L or R Mute Normalise PPM to -18 or -20dBFS
REAR VIEW, XLRs and “real” mains
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Versatile and compact audio monitoring in 1U 4 Stereo Groups, Speakers, Phones, PPM, PHASE & Peak LED “Touch Latch” selection between 4 input Groups provides Flyaway, Mobile Kit, Edit Suites and CARs with comprehensive and cost effective monitoring facilities.  The miniature "Type 19" meter movements that are fitted in this 1 U Unit boast a surprisingly large 42 x 20 mm scale which enables practical viewing at distances in excess of 2. The Movements have a very slightly relaxed specification which closely emulate the full-sized BS 6840 meters, which have now been withdrawn by their Torquay manufacturer. Note that Murraypro’s COMPACT PPM range continues to offer ‘full sized’ PPM metering.  When jacked, the (level-limited) Phones mute the ext Speaker’ drive to provide high quality private monitoring of stereo sources.    The "Traffic light" concept is a major feature of all Murraypro audio meters, with  PHASE and PEAK Levels policed on LEDs. Constantly monitoring the selected input Group, our ever alert GREEN Phase LED or Peak LEDs  will snap to RED immediately any trouble is detected, saving vital time and much expense later!     Groups 1 & 2’s XLR3-F are used with analogue sources only, whilst Groups 3 & 4 are analogue too but may use the AES DAC option, when fitted*. Analogue IP 1~8 loop via the rear panel D-25s, whilst a very useful demodulated, balanced low impedance, A5~8 OP of the AES inputs* will also appear on the D-25s.     Busy Facility Houses are often switching between material recorded with Reference levels of  -18dBFS  (EBU) or -20dBFS (SMPTE), so the  2dB gain normalisation feature via an illuminated switch is a most welcome feature. This facilitates conventional PPM monitoring of of both AES & SMPTE Material, with      -18/-20dB Reference levels instantly normalised to “PPM 4”, whilst the absolute programme level remains totally unchanged at all times, so no expensive disasters here! UK Commercials now require monitoring for “loudness”, so our front panel switch feature provides an instant indication, with the Peak Level LEDs temporarily normalised (from +8.15 dBU) to +2.15 dBU, of Material failing to conform with ITU-R  BS.1770-1.    Mini-Mon3 is designed for use on desks, bays and in space limited applications. Inputs and outputs may be operated either balanced or unbalanced, as required, and a nominal +/- 12dB of internal gain adjustment available on multi-turn trimmers to normalise the metered levels from different sources. Outline Specification 4x  Hi Z IP Groups. L+R channel muting. +/- 12dB gain. Traffic Light PHASE. Peak LEDs. Loudness monitor. -20 SMPTE mode. Stereo Volume’d Monitor OP for Ext  LSA. 48KHz AES DAC’d baseband audio OP (option) 482Wx44Hx180D.
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