SDI Demodulator YUV OP  RGsB OP CVBS + Y + Ch Robust Housing
Product Description
SDI to Video Converter Cost effective SDI Demodulator for general purpose use. Cat: 494-Pod (Completely revised) An extremely cost effective SDI to Generic Multi-format 8 Bit Video Converter. Ideal for converting a heritage TV monitor for SDI use. IEC input PSU with lockable low voltage plug. Murraypro's Cat: 494 POD completely satisfies the requirements of a general purpose SDI DAC, and produces base band video signals of impressive quality, see photographs below. An internal DIP switch port enables screwdriver free selection of ANY of these video OP formats, without opening the case:- 1) Component Video (Y, Cr, Cb) 2) Red, Green & Blue (R, G+s, B). 3) Luminance + Chrominance (S-Video)  plus simultaneous Encoded, Composite Video (CVBS) 4) Test Colour Bars, valid when used with an external 27MHz reference source. 50Hz & 60Hz source sensing is incorporated, with automatic configuration to the appropriate output Standard. Although digitally filtered within the main processing block, the 8 bit output video signals of this low cost DAC are passed through additional L+C interpolation filtering, albeit with slightly relaxed specification, to ensure the output to the 3 BNC connectors is as clean and quiet as required for practical use. This totally redesigned DAC Unit now features a full 300M+ of standard SDI cable equalisation capability and, after configuration, functions without further adjustment, on 50 or 60Hz SDI sources and with external low voltage power between +5 and +16V . Pre-cut self-adhesive Velcro™ fastener for is supplied for "instant" mounting the Murraypro POD (Press On DAC), which weighs in at 150Gm, and is contained within an EMC shielded stout stainless steel case only 67 x 62 x 25mm (excluding connectors). An alternative mounting capability is provided  by a pair of M3 tapped holes, spaced 41mm apart on the under side, which will provide precise positioning and a permanent and secure fixture, even under the most adverse conditions.  
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