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Longitudinal and Vertical Time Code Reader 1U rackmount unit that reads both Longitudinal and Vertical Interval Timecode. Decoded LTC/VITC Time & User values are displayed on the front panel LED display, and may be inserted onto a video signal for subsequent recording or display on a TV monitor BURNT IN TIME CODE : TIME and/or USER Bits, with AUTO SIZING TCR-300 can insert the decoded data into a standard video signal. White characters are surrounded with character-shaped black masks, maximizing visibility on all possible program material. The display may be positioned at the top or the bottom of the screen, and be muted as desired. Either a single row, or a dual row of characters, may be displayed on the screen. Selection is also possible between TIME or USER Bits only. Character height is automatically reduced when both rows are displayed simultaneously. With 525 signals, automatic compensation is applied to the vertical position of BITC screen characters, due to the shorter field. LONGITUDINAL TIMECODE   TCR-300 card decodes LTC at any speed between 1/50 - 220x normal speed, subject to satisfactory quality of the recovered off tape code. The balanced input is high impedance, accepting levels between -12dBV.7 & +20 dB The input may be used balanced or unbalanced, as required. VERTICAL INTERVAL TIMECODE TCR-300 automatically detects and decodes the first VITC data of the vertical interval, without any adjustment. Detected VITC lines are CRC verified before being decoded. An internal VITC decode adjustment can provide a measure of compensation for phase and amplitude errors on the input video signal.   AUTOMATIC CHANGE-OVER Preserving low frame rate performance, TCR-300 changes over automatically to VITC data when the LTC stream drops below 0.5 normal speed. This operation is inhibited if VITC is either absent or corrupt. TCR-300 SPECIFICATION INPUT: LTC XLR-3, Hi Z balanced. -12 to +20dBV.7 VIDEO: BNC, 1 Volt terminating VITC: 600mV nominal TV Standard: PAL & SECAM ( CCIR ), or NTSC Xtal lock: CCIR stability sources only, ie unlocked Xtal on non-TBC VTR PB etc. OUTPUT: Video 1 Volt, BNC 75ohms. Freq resp: +0.1dB nominal, @ 6MHz DP: 0.5' nominal max DG: 0.5% nominal max Characters: 700mV nominal INSERTION: Nominal +0.1dB POWER dc: 5V 300mA with display illuminated. SPEED LTC: Min 1/50x play, with coherent code, typically 1/10 achievable on VTR rock & roll. Max >220x play, with coherent code. VITC: 1X - still, with coherent code. CRC validation required for update. VITC position: Auto seeking, first valid packet.
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