Source standard is always identified
TV Waveform Picture mode 2~16 Ch Metering Li-Po+Charger 1H+ Endurance
TV Eye  covers all video standards from SD @ 270MB through HD @ 1.5G right up  to HD @ 3GHz, combining the frequently used diagnostic video functions of a Waveform Monitor and Vectorscope with that of a handy Picture Monitor; and as a real bonus this little Tester also incorporates ‘Eye’ envelope display modes with Timing and Alignment Jitter   monitoring parameters to SMPTE   too.
WFM Display
Vector Display
Stereo or 16 Ch Audio
Availability: Release September 2016 
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‘RAW’ 3G
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Product Description
TV Eye
   Introduced   to   the   world   at   NAB   ‘16,   TV   Eye    became   an   instant   hit   with   Visitors   to   the Murraypro   Booth,   where   it’s   impressive   functionality   coupled   with   compact   format   made   it   an immediate   attraction.   Housed   in   it’s   bijou   hand   held   case   only   140x120x35mm,   and   weighing in   at   a   mere   570Gm   (that’s   5.5”x4.5”x1.5”   @   1lb)   TV   Eye    draws   on   the   instant   start   technology of Test Chest (it’s big brother) to fully power up from cold in under 1 second!       Expect   about   1   hour   of   continuous   operational   service   in   ‘Eye’   mode   from   the   internal   Li-Po battery   pack.   Practical   endurance   is   usually   significantly   longer,   as   it’s   boot-free   start   up means    the    Unit    may    literally    be    switched    ‘off’,    conserving    power,    when    not    required immediately.   The 3.5” LCD panel serves the dual functions of Video monitor and System Control interface. Confusing ‘soft keys’ are eliminated through use of the TV Eye’s fast & intuitive ‘Touch’ panel interface, which gently guides Users in their investigations. Despite it’s modest size the screen provides a bright and clear picture suitable for immediate Engineering requirements, although of course any assessment of ‘picture quality’ can only be  performed using a significantly larger screen!     Access to the Vectorscope or Waveform  monitor is but a screen tap away, and supplementary display modes are logically presented for instant access.   All of TV Eye’s modes are selected incredibly quickly ~ just a quick tap of the on-screen icon, and that’s it. No soft keys with which to contend, just a quick intuitive tap of the appropriate screen icon. Instant reaction, no measurable delay between modes, and even the entire power up sequence is completed in under a second ~ it really IS that quick!    However, the real jewel in the Crown is provided by the integral “Eye” monitoring, an unheard of attribute on a product at this price point!      The SDI envelope may be examined over a range of timebase ranging from 3xE, through 10xE for word related artefacts, to Frame rate display to catch picture related issues.    Display may be selected between either the “Raw” unequalised SDI input (vital where the signal’s wave-shape is being examined for artefacts such as rise/fall asymmetry or overshoot anomalies with TV Eye located very close to the source equipment); or the “Equalised” SDI signal where only the original input signal’s  ‘zero-axis crossings’ are preserved (this mode is only pertinent to jitter investigation some distance down a cable, and where the source is not directly accessible).    TV Eye includes Jitter monitoring too, and the Eye’s display screen includes a dual histogram which simultaneously displays “Alignment” and “Timing” jitter. The SMPTE specifies the filter characteristics and the maximum allowable jitter limit for each TV standard, and the histogram scaling is automatically preset according to the detected standard. The histogram display, normally coloured green, instantly snaps to a warning red should the jitter exceed the allowable limit for that source.     TV Eye constantly monitors to ensure that jitter on the input signal does not violate the SMPTE’s permissable tolerance for that standard, even if ‘Jitter Monitoring’ has not been specifically selected. In addition to red highlighting on the histogram, the front panel alarm instantly warns of excessive jitter.    A separate frame rate scan of the selected filtered waveform, showing jitter excursions is provided for a scope-like display.    A major ‘plus’ too are the automatic measurements performed on the input SDI signal.    Naturally, with all this functionality the audio has not been forgotten and stereo audio monitoring, selectable across the 16 embedded channels, is provided through the miniature front panel loudspeakers. For more critical monitoring requirements a completely independent high quality audio feed is provided for headphone use, which automatically mutes the internal speakers when they are jacked. Histogram metering with a choice of ballistics and graticule scaling  is provided, and is switchable between 2~16 channel displays.             Includes remote auto-measurement of signal envelope parameters.    Specification         (Subject to revision) EYE Display 3E, 10E and Frame related EYE timebase. Graticule scale in mV, with rise/fall time measurement points marked. Remote control Via USB Remote Control Utility Jitter Display High Pass Filters per SMPTE 292M Alignment Jitter Spec < 0.2 UI, all Standards. SD Timing Jitter Spec < 0.2 UI. HD Timing Jitter Spec < 1.0 UI 3G Timing Jitter Spec < 2.0 UI Graticule scale in UI units, with SMPTE limit/standard marked. Jitter error waveform display with Frame related EYE timebase. DUAL Histogram displays SMPTE  Timing & Alignment Jitter, with tolerance limit. Power supply. External dc supply: 8 - 16V via 2 Pin ‘Lemo style’ connector. Mains supply: 110~240Vac (input on 3 pin IEC)   12V  1.2A via 2 Pin ‘Lemo style’ connector. Internal LiPo battery: 7.4v 1050mAH    1 Hour endurance, nominal.     500 charge cycles nominal.     UN 38.3 Certified.   Control & Display TV Eye controlled via intuitive touch screen menu. LCD:  320x240 Px,  70x52mm,  250cd/m2,  120oH x100oV
Simultaneous   Timing & Alignment Jitter Histograms
TV Eye draws on Test Chest’s rapid start Technology, and powers up in under 1 second!
Jitter WFM sweep
Test Chest  IS the world’s fastest A+V Tester
‘Equalised’ signal (only the axis crossings remain)
Detected standard is declared