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Ultra-compact 3.6" LCD weather resistant monitor Mounted in an extruded aluminium housing, and fully sealed to IP 65 standard, Uni-Vu3 is an ultra compact LCD monitor suitable for on-camera use in exterior locations. Murraypro ensure that only professional quality components are present on the Uni-Vu3, there being no place for flimsy pre-set potentiometers or low-cost slide switches on a Product for Professional use! The Uni-Vu3's powerful "AUTO-OFF" feature continuously monitors the input BNC for the presence of a CVBS input video signal and immediately kills the battery power when the video signal is lost or removed. The Uni-Vu3's power consumption is dramatically cut to less than 1/1000 of the normal current drain, which is ideal when monitoring a battery powered camera that will be switched off when not required. Designed for use with the commonly available and popular low cost "Mini-DV" battery packs (Sony NP-F970 footprint), Uni-Vu3 is provided with a Professional grade battery plate that firmly retains the battery in service, but allows immediate swapping with only momentary finger pressure on the release mechanism. Because the Uni-Vu3 has been designed with power economy in mind, a 6600mAH battery can be expected to power the Uni-Vu3 continously for at least 24 hours. A four position rotary switch enables the Uni-Vu3 to invert either, or both, vertical and horizontal scan direction as desired. This last feature is of particular appeal to Camera Operators who are using Cinematographic Prime lenses which present an inverted image, whilst the other two (X & Y) mirror modes are of great interest to Puppeteers and when shooting off mirrors. Supplied with it's complimentary viewing hood, Uni-Vu3 offers high contrast & brightness pictures with impressive horizontal viewing angles; an important issue with many LCDs, where colourimetry can vary widely with view point. The 3.6" panel is viewed through a highly protective 2mm thick polycarbonate viewing panel that has been specially treated to reduce reflected glare and to protect against day-to-day scuffing. Uni-Vu3 really is at home in 'real world' conditions, with it's own weatherproof case protecting the monitor even from direct rain. Murraypro are able to offer an option that alters the switch function to select between 16:9 (native aspect) and heritage 4:3 aspect ratio pictures. This option also incorporates a "Gravity defying" feature which ensures that the Uni-Vu3 will always display a "right reading" picture, even if the body of the Monitor is inverted! Uni-Vu3 is available with an optional gimbal mount, shown below, that enables the monitor to be mounted with great flexibility for maximum ease of viewing. Complimentary Sunshade & gimbal mount. 6600mAH battery shown. * Robust alloy casing, sealed to IP 65 Spec.   * 16:9 native (Optional 4:3 switch and gravity invert) * 525/625 auto-switching  * Negligable picture cut-off. * NP-F970 footprint battery plate.  * 330 x 234 pixel image. * Switchable H and/or V reverse scan * Brightness 250 cd/m. Contrast >350:1 * 115 x 85mm, excluding gimbal * Auto power off switch reduces current > 1/1000. * Sunshade included  * Robust controls
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