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 Murraypro 2017
CAGE HD/SD - Safe Area Generator "Safe Area" TV Graticule generation. The CAGE-HD/SD automatically configures itself to the TV Standard detected, pre-loading appropriate cursors from the internal Library. Easily selected cursors allow selection of preset cursors such as "16:9 StP 14:9 Action" or "16:9 StP 14:9 Graphics". Additionally a set of movable cursors can be controlled to allow alignment of on-screen graphics.
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EZ-MON HD The high resolution 5" LCD panel gives a bright clear image, whilst the amply powered stereo loudspeakers enable effortless monitoring, with a headphone output for privacy or noisy environments. A unique feature of the compact 2U, self-contained Murraypro EZ-MON HD, is the choice of 3 different audio metering strategies; select between the Audio Histogram, PPM or VU options.   
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Uni-Vu3 WS  - Battery Powered LCD Monitor Ultra-compact 3.6" LCD weather resistant monitor suitable for on-camera use in exterior locations. IP 65 rated and designed for use with the commonly available and popular low cost "Mini-DV" battery packs (Sony NP-F970 footprint) with a 6600mAH battery can be expected to power the Uni-Vu3 continously for at least 24 hours. The Uni-Vu3's "AUTO-OFF" feature monitors the input BNC for the presence of a CVBS  input video signal and immediately kills the battery power when the video signal is lost or removed. 
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EZ3-4.5 - Triple LCD Monitors The three 4.5" LCD screens provide a high quality of image, where 16:9 and 4:3 aspect pictures must be monitored with correct geometry, it will also be useful where picture quality is important too. EZ3-4.5 is ideal for compact and space limited applications, fitting within a 2U rack envelope and yet it is only 70mm deep.
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EZ-ROAM D - Battery powered Director's LCD monitor with wireless RF link The highly portable "EZ-ROAM D" has been designed for life on the road, and sealed to IP67, and tough enough to take every day knocks and bumps. Battery powered (and with an external dc input) the EZ-ROAM D with it's 7" LCD provides robust diversity radio reception, whilst the recessed controls offer selection between video inputs, 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios, Horizontal & Vertical flip, and stereo audio monitoring.
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SDI=POD - SDI to Video Converter An extremely cost effective SDI to Generic Multi-format 8 Bit Video Converter, ideal for converting a heritage TV monitor for SDI use.
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Welcome to Murraypro electronics. With over 45 years experience developing broadcast television test, monitoring and generation equipment, our products are designed for you.
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TCR-300 - Time code Reader A 1U rackmount unit that reads both Longitudinal and Vertical Interval Timecode. Decoded LTC/VITC Time & User values are displayed on the front panel LED display, and may be inserted onto a video signal for subsequent recording or display on a TV monitor.
Ki-Pro Monitoring Unit Murraypro's self-contained Ki-Pro Monitoring Unit designed for service in Broadcast Applications, sports hi-res LCD panel & powerful 8W wide response loudspeaker, to monitor Ki-Pro’s Record and Playpack functions. Using the seldom used Composite Video & unbal  Phono OPs, a strategy which frees up all the SDI, HDMI, Component Video & XLR Audio connectors for use in the Client's hogging of vital signal ports by our Monitor! The loudspeaker, with independent L & R channel muting, is fed via a monaural mixer which assists detection of audio 'Phase' errors.
The PSU provides 12V to the Ki-Pro too. A strong double skin construction combines strength with mechanical rigidity, eliminating chassis flexure.
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