Dual AES Transformer IP Dual Stereo OP 4 Ch Bal Line Drive 44.1~96KHz W.Clock OEM & S.I. Use
Product Description
AES & SPDIF DIGITAL AUDIO DEMODULATOR Murraypro offers this attractive, elegant, compact and cost effective solution to the problem of demodulating and monitoring monitoring AES/SPDIF digitally encoded audio. Cat: 390A, AES card only Option, for inclusion within existing equipment. Cat: 390S, SPDIF card only Option, for inclusion within existing equipment. The Cat: 390A/S demodulator has been designed to be fitted within analogue audio equipment that  lacks a dedicated AES/EBU digital input, providing a transparent interface with the external digital input. Two channels are housed on the compact card only 80 x 50 mm, each furnishing a balanced audio OP. The modest +12Vpower requirements of the card are usually drawn from the host equipment, removing the requirement for a separate external power supply. The Cat 330A-2 fully conforms with the input requirements of the AES 3: 1992, Specification, requiring that equipment inputs are wired as a single, dc blocked, transformer coupled, 110 ohm load. The card automatically adjusts internal parameters to enable locking to the 44.1 or 48KHz standardised sampling frequencies. Output drives are available for LED indicators. The Cat 390* provides better than "CD quality" low distortion demodulated audio, with low background noise, that is suitable for loudspeaker monitoring, headphone monitoring or meter driving. Whilst working in a natural 18 bit environment, the system automatically adjusts to accept up to 24 bit resolution input signals. The Murraypro card is normally supplied so that the EBU Standard level of -18dBFS corresponding with a Peak Program Meter deflection to "4" = 0.775V RMS, 0dBV.7, 0dBU To accommodate operation with systems using SMPTE digital modulation levels, on board adjustment is provided to ensure that their Reference level of -20dBFS may be correctly displayed. Naturally, the Cat 390* will handle the maximum 0dB FS level, without clipping. The card is also available, to special Order, housed in stand alone case or rack mounted. SPECIFICATION  Cat: 390* Number of bits: 18, better than CD resolution. Number of audio outputs: 4 or 2, assumed as one or two stereo pairs. Sample clock frequency: 44.1, 48 , 88.2, 96KHz auto selection. Input impedance: 110 ohms @ HF, ( >30KHz ) rising at audio frequencies > 5K ohms @ 1KHz. Transformer coupled. AES operational level: 100mV - >5V pp, (eye height > 50%) Audio frequency resp: 25Hz - 22KHz +0.1dB Audio sig/noise: 80dB minimum Audio distortion: 0.05% maximum Audio op level: 0dBV.7 nominal, low impedance, (on XLR3-M). OP level adjustment: + 3dB minimum on internal preset adjustments. Power requirements: +12v 60mA, no lamps illuminated. (Board only) -12v 10mA. Stand alone Case: 241l x 161w x 35h (mm) Mains powered: 4 VA max @ 230V ac, 50Hz. Internal PSU, fused at 63mA T
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