Stout ‘double skin’ construction gives extra strength.
Product Description
Self-contained Ki-Pro* Monitoring & Power in 2U. Securely mounted Ki-Pro Unit*, and mains powered operation. Murraypro offer a cost effective Ki-Pro* Monitoring Unit. Specifically designed to provide Field Monitoring and mains powered operation for Client's  Ki-Pro Recorders in Mobile and 'Fly Away' Applications. This popular and robust 2 U rack mount frame firmly supports AJA’s Ki-Pro* Field Recorder, giving a choice of two mounting positions. A ‘low profile’ format which aligns the Recorder’s front panel flush with the frame; whilst the other, where space permits, offers enhanced accessibility to the memory module with the ‘Pro mounted 15mm proud of the rack front.  Either mounting position in the Monitor's chassis allows unrestricted access to the rear panel of Ki-Pro* for the external A+V cabling, with ample exhaust clearance provided for the Ki-Pro's* internal cooling fan. Murraypro's completely self-contained Ki-Pro* Monitoring Unit sports a high resolution LCD panel and powerful 8W wide response loudspeaker, providing immediate monitoring of the Ki-Pro’s* Recording and Playpack functions via the Composite OP and unbalanced Phono OPs. A cunning strategy that frees up all the ‘important’ SDI, HDMI, Component Video and XLR Audio connectors for use in the Client's installation....there is no hogging of these vital signal ports by our Monitor. The Ki-Pro* stereo OP is fed via independent L & R channel muting to the loudspeaker’s monaural mixer, a useful monitoring feature which helps guard against Operational audio 'Phase' errors. Mains power is fed via an IEC320 3 pin connector to the internally mounted ‘universal’ 60 Watt PSU (no "Wall Warts" here you notice!), providing ample power for both the Monitoring Unit and operation of the Ki-Pro when it is mounted within the frame. For maximum reliability, the low voltage power is fed via a professional grade locking connector to the Ki-Pro's +12V XLR4 input port. The Murraypro Monitoring Unit is supplied complete with Ki-Pro* mounting screws, and all the cables required to interface with AJA's Recorder. After Murraypro, who have been Designing and Manufacturing Product for well over 40 years, released their Ki-Pro Monitoring Unit, they became aware that a flimsy imitation was being offered for sale. These Units badged  ‘Delvcam’ are, we have been advised, of shoddy mechanical construction and are quite inferior to the original robust “doubled skinned” Murraypro Design they sought to emulate. They are mechanically weak, suffering from excessive flexing when the Ki-Pro Unit is mounted within, and ‘sag’ when mounted in a Bay, and are even reported to have buckled in use, due to the Recorder’s weight! Dare you risk your Ki-Pro Recorders in a ‘joke’ mounting? Specification. LCD 480 x 234 pixel. 525 NTSC & 625 PAL Auto-switching 8W nominal, 150Hz~20KHz loudspeaker 12V power to Ki-Pro's XLR4 via locking connector Independent L & R Muting. Unrestricted access to Ki-Pro rear Unrestricted exhaust fan extract Internal 100~240V 47~63Hz Universal PSU. Mains input on 3 pin IEC320 connector. 484W x 88H x 170D 2.8Kg net inc cables, 4.5KG gross inc Ki-Pro; nom. Tariff Code: 85437090                                  *  Registered Trade Marks & Brand Names are acknowledged.
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Ki-Pro Monitoring Unit
Professional build quality for Broadcast applications 2 Year Warranty Robust double skin construction Low flexure design
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